We have a commitment to engage in sustainable environmental behaviour, to ensure our carbon footprint is reduced by our decrease in resource consumption, monitoring of our re-use, and recycling, waste and efficient use of electricity.
Our tourism activities offer a high level of sustainable practices; through our membership to the following Tourism accredited structures:

  • Tourism Australia T-QAL Accreditation
  • Eco Tourism Australia
  • Respecting our Culture Certification
  • AAA Tourism

Work Health and Safety (WHS)

Provide a workplace free of harm for our employees and contractors we engage, by adopting all Federal and Territory Work Health and Safety Laws, Acts, Regulations, codes of practice, industry standards, and all other relevant compliance and enforcement policies.

Through continuous improvement, update DAI Health Safety Management System with quality, relevant, policies and procedures, codes of practice documentation and standards.

Ensure all employees are trained in First Aid where required, training of all employees in WHS obligations, via an extensive Induction process.

Increase employee’s awareness in health, safety and wellbeing issues by including in the development and implementing of an effective work life balance program.


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